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Feld Entertainment is the largest provider of live action family entertainment in the world, owning Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, as well as the worldwide rights to Walt Disney’s World on Ice. With a staff of over 2,500 around the globe, Feld produces more than thirty live performances for over 25 million people each year.

Services Provided
PMCI was originally retained by Feld in response to “Ban the Elephant” legislation proposed several years ago which would have prohibited the exhibition of elephants within the state of Hawaii. Working in conjunction with Feld and numerous government officials, PMCI led the opposition to prevent this emotionally charged and inherently biased legislation from passing. This enabled the continuation of live exotic animal traveling exhibitions in Hawaii. When Feld obtained the rights to Disney on Ice and included Hawaii on their tour schedule, PMCI was once again engaged to help promote this new show in the islands. In addition to the usual publicity employed to promote Disney on Ice, the focus of PMCI’s efforts was the organization of an informal chicken wings and hot dogs type reception before the show on opening night. All elected State and City & County officials were invited to attend with their families. Although this was a purely social reception for the families to enjoy, the legislators were also able to meet with Feld’s Government Relations representative and find out more about their operations. This gave Feld the opportunity to meet some of their customer base in Hawaii face-to-face, and answer any questions they might have.

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