TIG Crum and Forster Insurance of Hawaii
TIG Crum and Forster Insurance of Hawaii is the Hawaii branch of TIG Specialty Insurance, a subsidiary of Fairfax Holdings of Canada. Although the company had been selling insurance products in Hawaii for 50 years, it was not well known outside of the insurance industry, and faced challenges from structural changes in the industry with the new prominence of direct-writers of personal lines of insurance. In addition, the company adopted a new name in 2000, incorporating the Crum & Forster brand into its trade name.

Services Provided
PMCI was engaged to develop brand awareness of TIG Crum and Forster Insurance of Hawaii with the general public and to reinforce brand awareness through its product distribution network of independent agencies. Since 2000, PMCI has created an advertising program for TIG Crum and Forster Insurance of Hawaii. This required PMCI to identify TIG’s target market, develop and produce television and print advertising spots, and then devise a buying schedule to reach the desired consumers. PMCI has also designed and produced special events to support the development of the brand awareness program. These have included sponsorship of community events and agency events, as well as design and deployment of tactical promotions of products with agencies.

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TIG Crum and Forster Insurance of Hawaii
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