Honolulu Board of Water Supply, City and County of Honolulu
The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS) is a semi-autonomous agency of the City & County of Honolulu, and the primary purveyor of water to residential and commercial users on the island of Oahu. With a workforce of more than 580 employees, it is one of the largest water utilities in the United States, supplying over 150 million gallons of water each day to almost 900,000 people. In addition to ensuring that there is sufficient capacity to meet Oahu’s present water needs and maintaining the high quality of Oahu’s potable water supply, the HBWS also takes into consideration the long-term viability, protection and sustainability of the island’s water resources.

Services Provided
The HBWS required a liaison between itself and the Hawaii State Legislature and the Honolulu City Council to advocate on its behalf, communicate its needs and desires to appropriate legislative agencies, and advise it on legislative actions that would have impacted the HBWS and its ratepayers.

PMCI monitored proposed legislation; reviewed all bills introduced and assessed potential impact on the HBWS. Upon receiving the HBWS’ confirmation and approval, PMCI monitored referrals and hearing notices of all measures having potential impact, advised the HBWS of upcoming hearings, attended, and prepared reports of actions taken on relevant measures.

PMCI also assisted the HBWS in the realization of an Act to allow the HBWS flexibility under Hawaii civil service laws to facilitate its reengineering project during the 21st and 22nd State Legislative session. PMCI recruited and worked with sub-consultants in the areas of collective bargaining, bill drafting, and charter and constitutional law to prepare a proposed bill, then arranged for meetings with the HBWS leadership and legislators to discuss introducing the bill and its companions. In the interim months before session began, PMCI met with over thirty elected officials to discuss the issue. PMCI also assisted the HBWS in preparing and implementing an employee legislative advocacy program to demonstrate the depth of support for the bill among employees.

Once session began and the bill was introduced, follow-up work on this aspect of the project included participating in negotiations with legislators, the HBWS and labor unions on amendments to the proposed bill, and inclusion of enabling legislation to support the HBWS reengineering program in the omnibus civil service bill. A provision for experimental modernization projects was included in Act 253, Session Laws of Hawaii 2000, which gave the HBWS the flexibility it needed to implement its reengineering program. Over the next few years, PMCI continued to work with related parties in order to expand the HBWS’ authority to implement its desired programs. As a result, in Act 40, Session Laws of Hawaii 2003, the HBWS was given autonomy from the City and County’s Human Resources department, and was authorized to implement experimental civil service modernization projects without approval from the Mayor.

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